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The holiday village apartments SUNSET BEACH - ANTONIA is located right on the Black Sea beach, at the foot of the southern flanks of eastern Stara Planina mountain. The project is being realized at the heart of the biggest tourist region in Bulgaria. Actually, this is the New Bulgarian Riviera – stretching from Aheloy and Ravda, passing through Nessebar, Sunny Beach and St. Vlas and reaching Paradise Beach and the Eleni. Here are some of the major advantages of the location of SUNSET BEACH:
- it is situated in a region, which is distinguished for its unique climate, popular with its healing virtues, next to the Sea Sanatorium – only one of its kind. It is a natural phenomenon located between the mountain and the sea!
- fantastic panorama over one of the longest beaches of Bulgaria – Sunny Beach, as well as over the ancient town of Nessebar. - exceptional communicativeness of the project: The complex is located next to the following major tourist sites:
Bourgas – 38 km., Nessebar – 8 km., Sunny Beach – 3 km., Bourgas Airport – 32 km., Paradise Beach – 1,5 km., The Eleni complex – 2 km.
- it is located in a quiet region suitable for recreational tourism close to the park of the famous Sea Sanatorium popular for its rich green vegetation.
- The close proximity to the luxury and the various entertainments of the most popular Bulgarian tourist resort – Sunny Beach, especially to its most elite northern part.
- It is located only 2 km away from the resort St. Vlas, typical of its detached luxurious holiday complexes. You can feel the comfort of the family hotels and the boarding-houses, the sea-style national restaurants and taverns.
- First class road network to the complex. Currently is being constructed the most modern yacht port on the Black Sea coast in the north-eastern part of the shore.

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