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Sunny Beach-An Unforgetable Holiday for Everyone...

Sunny Beach is the biggest Bulgarian beach resort. It's very popular here and abroad. It is located in the Southern part of the Bulgarian Seaside, 6 km away from Nessebar in North and 45 km away from Bourgas city in South-east. The resort spreads largely between the area of Nessebar at the seaside and the southern slopes of Stara Planina mountain. The climate in the resort is of typical sea weather and is characterized by warm and hot summer refreshed by the cool sea breeze, mild winter almost without any snow, beautiful and sunny spring, and mild autumn. In the reagion of Sunny Beach has been found hypothermic strongly mineralized water The beach of Sunny Beach is large about 10 km long covered with soft and fine gold-yellow sand which in some places forms big dunes. The bottom of the sea is also sandy with a very slight slope and it is suitable for bathing and swimming. There are more than 120 hotels available in the complex with about 65 000 beds, lots of pools for adults and children, as well as camping sites and holiday villages, picturesquely intersperse over a large forest park with diverse vegetation Canadian poplar, sea pine-trees, cypresses, acacias, decorative bushes, grass areas and flower beds.
For its ecological qualities Sunny Beach has been awarded with a blue flag an important international award in the field of ecology. The planned composition of Sunny Beach has been developed parallel to the beach. The buildings are situated freely in the park area. During the building of the complex the dunes and the existing trees have been preserved and there were even added southern species. During the last three or four years the old hotels have been substituted by newly built hotels distinguished for their luxury and comfort. The hotels different by style, category and architectural appearance can satisfy the taste and preferences of each visitor in the resort. Sunny Beach offers its guests lots of entertainment and different attractions 160 restaurants and many bars, casinos as well as the most popular and impressive discos and nightclubs in Bulgaria. Sunny Beach offers: medical and recovery centers, kindergartens with personnel fluent in foreign languages, children's playgrounds with a place for games and entertainment , well developed trade net shops, bazaars, banks and tourist bureaus . As for the admirers of water sports and entertainment the resort offers yaughts, surfing, tennis clubs, horse riding, mini-golf, cricket, diving. During 2003 Action aquapark was opened the biggest water attraction on the Bulgarian seaside, which offers different entertainment for children and adults, satisfying even the most pretentious tastes. An additional attraction for the visitors in the resort is also the opportunity to visit the neighboring beach resorts St. Vlass, Ravda and, of course, the nearby hystorical town of Nessebar.

Saint Vlas

The exceptionally favorable location of St. Vlas determines its development as one of the most perspective Black Sea resorts in Bulgaria. Far away from the noise and dust of the big administrative centers, today the resort is a preferred place for holiday and recreation. A major element of the natural potential of the region is the coastline. The shore of St. Vlas is entirely turned to the south and resembles a Riviera. The beach territories are large, clean and covered with fine golden sand. The coastline is separated in three beaches. The largest one is the central beach which is 1000 m long and with 16 m average width. Although a small town, St Vlas is famous for its ancient history, rich culture and traditions. St. Vlas is one of the oldest settlements in the district of Nessebar. It was founded in 2nd century as a Thracian settlement with the name Larissa. The population is around 3 000 residents which puts it in second place in the demographic map of Nessebar district.
Nessebar the town-museum at the Black seaside

NESSEBAR is situated just 3 km from Sunny Beach. It is located to the south of the bay of this small rocky town, which is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage. It is not only a living monument of millennial human history: ancient fortress walls, mediaeval churches, narrow cobblestone lanes, old wooden houses, but also a romantic place for fishermen, artists and lovers of beauty. The town of Nessebar is located about 30 km. Northern from the town of Bourgas.
The town is situated on a small peninsula and attract tourists with the splendid combination of natural beauty and interesting history. The ancient town of Nessebar existed for more than 5000 years. It emerged as a fortified Thracian settlement. Afterwards it was a Greek polis, then a Roman colony, a Byzantine and later on Bulgarian provincial center. Fortress walls, Middle age churches and houses of the Bulgarian national Revival have been preserved until today. The old city is protected by UNESCO and has been included in the list of the world's culture heritage sites since 1983. Nowadays the town is well-known tourist resort , consisting two parts - new with modern houses, a lot of hotels, private apartments, restaurants, cafes, discos and 2 lovely sand beaches. The old town attract tourists with unique architecture of houses, narrow charming streets, small hotels , apartments and guest houses of good standard, quiet restaurants with Bulgarian and International cuisine, nice bars, cosy cafes and plenty of souvenir shops. Close to the town is the biggest Bulgarian Black sea resort of Sunny beach. There are regular bus lines from both Bourgas and Sunny Beach to the Nessebar.
Saint Vlas

Today, St. Vlas consists of 4 major zones: staro selo (old village) with an area of 600 decars, Rusalka quarter 540 decars, Vlas-south quarter and Bademite (The Almonds) quarter 750 decars and villa zone Intsaraki 700 decars. The number of the residential buildings is more than 1 000. St. Vlas has a well developed infrastructure with excellently set up communications. In the center of the resort are located the main administrative buildings as well the municipality of St. Vlas, the library, the cultural club and the post-office. In the close proximity are located the school and the health center. The generosity of the nature to this region, the initiativeness and hospitality of the residents, stimulate the development of the main economic field for the region tourism. St. Vlas is a popular international tourist center. Each summer tourists all from over the world visit the resort and return home with unforgettable memories from the pleasant vacation in Bulgaria. The conditions for recreation and entertainment are numerous. The accommodation availability is mainly of 2* and 3* category family hotels, villas and private lodgings offer all the necessary facilities for a satisfying vacation. The many traditional fish restaurants, fast-food services, bars, disco-clubs and cafes add to the pleasant atmosphere. There are plenty opportunities for entertainment and amusement all types of water sports, sea trips and excursions. The tourist services correspond to the contemporary standards in tourism and are distinguished by high professionalism.

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