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Complex Anna Marina

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The Bay of Sunny Beach

The beach, which is away from the noise and the every-day life of the big city and borders the sea and the mountain at the same time, is a wonderful place for holiday during all seasons. The presence of air currents between the sea and the nearby mountain defile creates a unique natural phenomenon that clears the air from mechanic and other pollution. The natural aerosols of the sea, together with the crystal clear air cause a strong healing effect on the climate for bronchial asthma and other lung diseases. The constant bioclimatic environment provides the possibility for the all-year-round use of the natural conditions for sea-treatment and prevention. That’s why the only sea sanatorium in Bulgaria is located just next to the Complex "Sunset Beach - ANTONIA" – a center with traditions in the treatment of respiratory organs, heart diseases as well as for the rehabilitation of patients with traumatic, orthopedic and rheumatologic problems. The combination of sea and mountain and the prevalent Mediterranean climate determine the region of Sunny Beach and St. Vlas as a preferred destination for recreational and SPA tourism.
Complex Antonia
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